Investment Shortages / Significant Investment / Premium Investment

Australia gives foreign investors the opportunity to immigrate through their investment visa category. Australian investor visa only allows foreign immigrants four years of temporary residency. After four years, the visa holder may apply for other visa types that could lead to permanent residency. Investor Visas offer applicants the opportunity to migrate to Australia as Investors into businesses or designated investments.

The Australian Government welcomes productive foreign direct investment. It has helped build Australia’s economy and contributes to economic growth, innovation, and prosperity. To protect Australia’s interests whilst maximizing investment flows, certain foreign acquisitions of Australian shares and assets are reviewed by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). Most foreign investment proposals are approved. Once approved, foreign investors are generally treated the same as domestic investors under Australia’s laws.

The Significant and Premium Investor Visa were established to try to attract international investment into Australia. To qualify, applicants must have at least AUS$5m and AU$25m respectively to invest in Australia. The investments must be made in investments approved by the Australian government.